Fabric Manipulation

Fabric Manipulation

Fabric Manipulation

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This book is an in-depth exploration of a wide range of fabric manipulation techniques used for decorative effects which can be applied to fashion or interior projects, or incorporated into embroidery, quilting and other decorative textile projects. Fabric manipulation is my speciality and I uses many of the techniques shown to create my own exhibition and commission work. Many of the techniques are inspired by historical examples and show my fascination and understanding of historical and contemporary techniques.

The book is divided into three sections:
Pleat and Fold
Stitch and Gather
Apply and Layer

Pleat and Fold covers decorative box pleating as shown on the cover, with numerous variations, tucks and folds, ribbon folding, folded shapes and much more.
Stitch and Gather looks at how simple stitching can be used to manipulate fabric into gather shapes, including ruffles and frills, smocking, Suffolk puffs and shirring.
Apply and Layer includes many variations on appliqué, quilting, reverse appliqué, stitch and slash and more.
Nine finished projects are included in the book with basic instructions on how to make them, rather than step-by-step directions, so you can be inspired and create your own versions.

Reviews from Mr X StitchScrapiana, The Sewing Directory & Gillian Cooper

Additional resources

A short history of trapunto quilting

A short history of English Smocking

Historical and contemporary techniques of Stitch and Slash 

Artists and designers using fabric manipulation

Blog posts relating to fabric manipulation here.

Pinterest boards on Fabric Manipulation,  smocking, trapunto, folding and pleating, gathering, appliqué and scalloped edges.

The pattern and instructions for the apron on p169 are here.



32 thoughts on “Fabric Manipulation

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  11. Hi Ruth , I have been going thru the net to find different methods of fabric manupilation
    But i was not satisfied with what i had been brousing. Today i just happen to search on Google Chrome and tada here I am to get excactly what I was looking for. I exactly wanted to do something of what you have show on your cover page of your book ‘Fabric manipulation 150 sewing techniques . Thank you very much .Could you suggest how could I learn these techniques online
    LUV, Kalpana

  12. The techniques are only available in my book or at one of my workshops, not online I’m afraid.

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  26. What is the difference between your book with the purple squares on it and the one with the pink flower?

  27. Two different books entirely! There are pages on both on the website under publications which should explain what’s in each.

  28. Ah, I understand now. The pink cover was never used for fabric manipulation, it shouldn’t be out there, it is the same book as the purple folded ribbon one. My other book Sew It Up has a pink flower on the cover, I thought you meant that.

  29. I am looking for any information on fabric manipulation using various heat applications to create 2d or 3D changes . Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Karen Conner

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