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  1. I think your web site is marvellous and exciting – congratulations on your first book, it must be quite a moment – well done – I remember meeting you at Birmingham and saw your lovely picture made out of a bridesmaid dress – ACE

  2. Hello I’m doing a piece of homework for my textiles homework- you seem really interesting, and inspiring! However I seem to be struggling to find much information about you and your career. Would you please send me some information please? Would be a big help:)

  3. It isn’t easy to pinpoint anything in particular, simply a love of cloth, from a very early age. There’s a little about my inspirations here.

  4. While I was wandering on the internet to search for some design project related to textile recycling, you website had attracted me from the first signs. Your collections are so marvelous and inspired. Love your creation so much!

  5. Saw your exhibition at The Hub in Sleaford today. I especially loved the washing line of memories and left my own memory. Found the whole thing quite emotional and evocative and felt thoroughly inspired. Thank you 🙂

  6. Love hearing about what has inspired your work in the video. So glad to have come across you!

  7. I am visiting the UK in October 2016. I am from Australia and would love to see your work. Could you tell me where your work is on public display? Thank you.

  8. Hi Ruth, am enjoying your site. I’ve been an artist all my life and shortly after building my trimaran from scratch I began sewing. I happened across your book on fabric manipulation and it hit a nerve. The Field museum has quite a collection of American Indian clothing that has always fascinated me. Now through you I can add old English! I still have summer quilts from my Scottish and Sweden relatives. I even have a series of stitched faeries my grandmother made, her family had fey backgrounds. through your movie I have been stitching all this together in my mind and see a path!
    Making the boat seems to have keyed something in my head that I have desired ever since project runway. All of a sudden my 3d knowledge is making sense and I can throw basic patterns in my head together from scratch! What I needed was more manipulation, and you are definitely in the middle of that!
    I will follow you on Facebook. Thank you for being so open about your thinking processes and your work!
    Mia Story.

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