Lovely Dorset

One of the great things about running workshops around the country is that I get to visit some stunning places. Having a car has made a huge difference to what I can get to do. Last weekend after teaching in Dorset I spent a very windy night camping and then the next day exploring the Dorset coast, which I don’t think I have been to since I was a kid. It’s not that far from where I live, but it’s a long drive and this summer has been too busy for any non-work-related jaunts. This is real coastline, not like Brighton’s pebbly and rubbish-strewn beach. It’s nice to live by the sea for the sense of space it gives, but I prefer real coastline like Dorset, Norfolk or Northumbria to urban seaside. But give me hills, woods, rivers and canals too! I belong in Yorkshire, really I think.

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