Knitted Naughties

So – what do you think these are? I would have thought it was clear, seeing as they are on a cake stand…. Iced Gems of course. My knitting group are working on a knitted tea for Hove Museum‘s Knitting Week extravaganza. Being as I am, I can’t just follow the (admittedly fantastic) patterns that were circulating for battenberg cake, sandwiches etc. I had to create my own. So the prototype Iced Gem was born. And apparently they look like nipples. I tried out some sausages on sticks, but without the stick, they look like turds (according to my mum – thanks!). New improved version in progress. I’m contemplating palmiers and cheese straws next. Might have to go to the Ritz during afternoon tea for inspiration.

It’s nice to have little tiny creative projects on the go, especially silly ones. I have no shortage of creative ideas (guess that’s why I am a designer not a manager any more – see yesterday!) but alas, not enough time at the moment to get stuck into the bigger and more serious ones. This blog is almost a record sometimes of the wild ideas I have and never get started with. I started off in May talking about smocking. Have I done any? Nah. I have helped someone else learn it though. I got sidetracked today by this post on Soulemama and have been pondering making my own patchwork hexagons just to try out some of my ideas. Yet another to add to the mad-ideas-to-try-one-day list.

I had grand plans for more work for the exhibition in Stafford but I have had to admit defeat and a larger list of more urgent things to do. I made up a couple of purses and pincushions, but I think actually the pincushions will be saved for Christmas presents, as they aren’t my core product range and only confuse the message. So no more of that! It’s hard to focus and go for a less-is-more approach sometimes, but I am learning.

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