some random facts

A little rosé on a summer evening is a fine thing. Pair this with sunshine and a second full day of play at Wimbledon (at last) it is superb. Add a British win to this mix and things are pretty perfect. I always found Henman dull in the extreme, and the British fanatics excessive, but the Murrays are characterful, talented and great to watch. I tend to surprise people who know me with my interest in tennis as I am totally disinterested in any other sport, but follow tennis all year round.
This post might fulfil my obligations to tell you seven random things about myself, following tagging. I got tagged by Christelle ages ago, which was very flattering but somewhat unnerving, and I have been putting off dealing with it. I am supposed to confess seven random pieces of information about myself – not something I like to do! My birthday post was considered for a LONG time.
1. I like watching tennis
2. My tennis watching really surprises many people
3. I love to be unpredictable in the small things in life
4. I am not good at being told what to do
5. That’s why I work for myself
6. I do (almost) everything quickly
7. People say I am patient for being able to make complicated things by hand. I’m extremely impatient.

Now I’m off for an early night with my a couple of my favourite magazines – Selvedge and National Geographic. *anyone suprised by the second choice?*

One thought on “some random facts

  1. shamefully I’ve not been here for ages, sorry. looks like you’ve been as busy as ever.your door smashing story in my comments sounded intriguing, perhaps it could be No.8 on the tag – will resort to violence against inanimate objects when necessary!Mr P took the shed keys away today to get spares cut. Is he suggesting I might do this again? Surely not. He knows me so well :0)

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