Having a bit of a larf

This is the unofficial book jacket photo. I prefer this to the real one. It was all pretty amusing. This was actually taken a few weeks ago, but I haven’t really got anything new to show or say. I’m working REALLY hard, my mum has broken her ankle, I’m working REALLY hard. That’s been about it for the last two weeks.

Ok, here’s a bit more:

Smocking. I’m not revealing much of the book contents as you will have noticed, but there is nothing secret about smocking on gingham is there? So enjoy.

Handbag and Dog. Which is cuter? Handbag wins for me everytime. poor old Olive, she can’t help not being a cat. Olive is my editor’s brother’s dog and she came along to the photoshoot to keep my handbag company. I’m still undecided about this bag. It’s very Thatcher, but I rather like it. It needs more re-furb other than just an Amelia. Not sure what yet.

I’m off to a wedding very early in the morning, so that’s it for now, and probably for a couple of weeks. There are more random photos of my life here.

Let me know what you think

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