A week of colour.

Colour proofs of the book are in

colour proof.JPG

More here.

I went to see the textile degree show at Loughborough University, mainly to see the final project work by my lovely student Zoe Murphy. Fabulously colourful, energetic and full of excitement – just like Zoe herself.

Zoe Murphy degree show - 7.jpg

Zoe helped me out earlier this year with book deadlines and other projects and I heard a lot about the development of the work for this show. It was fantastic to see it all looking so great.
More pics here

Zoe Murphy degree show - 1.jpg

I absorbed yet more colourful stuff reading The Gentle Art of Domesticity, in bed with my cup of tea, this morning. Tea from my purple teapot on my apple-print tray on my cranberry-coloured duvet. I don’t do subtle. Neither does Jane Brocket, it seems.

tea, book and bed.JPG

I don’t know why Yarnstorm hasn’t been on my blogroll (over there on the right, under the rhubarb) but it is there now. I read it every day, and her talk of books in the making and in the publishing has been so useful and encouraging while mine has been (still is!) in its development stage, and she herself was really sweet when I announced mine. Reading her book today really made me feel excited about mine and has really inspired me to get thinking carefully about my next one – rather than the slight feeling of dread that I would never catch up with myself! The book is like an extended, paper version of the blog, which can only be a good thing.

I even had colourful dinner – beetroot risotto last night. There will be more colour coming up soon, it is midsummer after all.

One thought on “Colour!

  1. Yay! I am getting so excited to see the final book–I can only imagine your own excitement. And thank you for introducing your student’s work as well. So cheerful!

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