Material World By Perri Lewis

One of the joys of the online craft world is that I have become friends with Perri Lewis, one time craft editor of the Guardian (responsible for getting me to do this) and now full time working for a non-craft magazine. She also writes in her ‘spare’ time. Her new book Material World; The Modern Craft Bible is out next month. I was asked to contribute a bit on eco sewing, where I (briefly) ramble on about what a sustainable textile actually is and how to find one in the wild.

What you can’t quite see from this picture is the very illustrious company I am keeping within the pages; Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, Rob Ryan… blimey, this woman knows EVERYONE. (although not including, I note, Mark Watson who presumably has not kept up his sewing skills…).
This reminds me, unrelated, that I saw Rob Ryan in the actual flesh (beard) in Manchester Art Gallery last week, (where he was doing a talk) and he *smiled* at me. Probably only because I smiled at him in that ‘I know that person’ (oh no I don’t really)-way. It made me inordinately happy. 
I was in Manchester to visit GNCCF where I was rubbing shoulders with yet more craft heroes. What a day. 

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