Creative Twinning Showcase

I took part a showcase event with Creative Twinning last week in Nottingham Contemporary. I put together a display of new and older work forming a new collection called Polonaise which includes some smaller pieces alongside the larger scale work like the quilt currently in the window at Designer Forum (photos below).

Ruth Singer

I was quite pleased with this showcase of wall-based work with no walls to put it on… a challenge! I think it has worked ok.

These are details of a couple of the framed pieces, pre-framing.

Polonaise sketch

Polonaise sketch

You will notice that I have started adding more detail in these pieces than I previously did – more than one technique on a piece is highly novel for me! I am enjoying the additions – buttons, pins, stitching and photographs are appearing (there is a tiny piece of print on silk in the red & white piece). This new direction all stems from my Monumental Folly pieces (which are in an exhibition now).

There’s a chair behind the framed pieces too. The photos are not great as the lighting was pretty awful – although I did a lot better than some…

Ruth Singer

I am still pondering ways of making my name more prominent on displays like this, how to put price / info labels and where to put leaflets / cards without making it a mess.
I was hoping to get some feedback on this new work, but apart from general ‘Lovely display’ I didn’t get much, which was frustrating. I never know if that means ‘I like your method of display’ rather than the work itself!

This is the Polonaise quilt in light and dark.

Polonaise quilt 2011

I only managed to get a handful of photos of the rest of the showcase, there are more here.

Creative Twinning showcase

Creative Twinning showcase

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