Award Winner!

Unit Twelve certificate

I won the Craftspace prize at Unit Twelve open contemporary craft exhibition!

I couldn’t be happier with this award from the lovely folks at Craftspace. It is exactly the creative boost I need to get cracking with some new work.
The pieces, Monumental Folly that I entered in the show, and won the prize for, relate to a very unhappy period of my life three years ago, and it is so intensely personal that I didn’t show the work to anyone for a long time, and even after a couple of people had seen and admired it, this is the first selected show I have actually submitted the work to. I can’t imagine a better ending to the story of making this work than to win a prize for it! The unhappy stuff is long over, so now I can just enjoy the positive reactions I get to the work.

I have done lots of community projects and teaching with Craftspace in the past and I really like them personally and hugely respect the work they do, and they have always been incredibly lovely and supportive to me, so it really is a delight to win this prize. I’m going to frame the certificate and hang it above my sewing table to remind me of how good things can be.

I’ve said before how marvellous Unit Twelve is, but I will say it again. It is the single most inspirational place I know after my other home, the V&A. I only wish it was nearer to me…

The exhibition continues to 25th November and it is well worth going to see it, as there is a huge amount of amazing work in the show. These are just some of my favourites

Alix Swann
Alix Swan Little Bit of Printy Things

Karen Dell'Armi
Karen Dell’Armi 

Dionne Swift
Dionne Swift

Karen Shapley
Karen Shapley

Anya Keeling
Anya Keeley

4 thoughts on “Award Winner!

  1. Congratulations! It looks like a really interesting exhibition, which must make the victory all the more sweet. I'm so glad you were rewarded for your bravery in sharing a difficult time.

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