Community Spirit of Leicestershire

Community Spirit of Leicestershire is a community arts project to collect stories and celebrate the work of volunteers during the pandemic in the city, county and Rutland. 

This project has been created by artist & creative producer Ruth Singer following her volunteering at a food bank in Leicester during the height of the pandemic. She felt it was so important to gather the stories of volunteering, to record just how vital their work was and to celebrate the amazing support and community-building that volunteers have done throughout 2020 and 2021 to support others impacted by covid.

Share your story now – the survey takes about 5 minutes.

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The rosettes artwork will be created over the summer and displayed at community venues around Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland in the autumn. After the end of the touring exhibition, the rosettes will be distributed back to nominated volunteers at the end of the project as a keepsake to remind them of the special role they volunteered to do.

Project created and run by Ruth Singer

Associate Artist Mandeep Dhadialla

Mock up of rosette artwork

Form to request materials

Instruction video for making rosettes