On to the next project!

Hi all.
I’m back. Last week was a loooong week. Origin was interesting. The three pieces selected looked great, but really I wanted to be showing a lot more of my work to communicate what I am about. It was cool to have been selected and be showing under the Crafts Council banner, but I wanted my own stand so much. I wanted to make my own Ruth space and fill it full of fabulous things.
There was a lot of standing about. Not a seat in sight, which was really tiring. Commuting to London for seven days in a row was hard going, especially when the engineering works made it take three hours each way. But to be positive, I got fantastic feedback and met some great people, and the whole experience was amazing. I wont tell you too much about it all, as I am writing a post for Whip Up all about my favourite makers and their work.

Ooh, my work will be on TV – or it might already have been, on SC4 which is a Welsh-language channel, so I didn’t understand a word the presenter said to camera. She was a bit thrown before the shoot when we discussed the work (in English) and I talked about 18th century textiles as my influences for this collection. She couldn’t remember the Welsh for 18th century as she doesn’t use it often. Clearly her life is very different to mine! A life without mentioning the 18th century on a regular basis? Surely not.

I really enjoyed meeting people and talking about my work. I can talk about my work endlessly. I love my work. Not in a narcissistic way – I don’t think it’s the best work EVER, just that I have put my heart and soul into it, so I am proud of it and I admire it in a slightly detached and bemused way. Like nieces and nephews maybe (I don’t have any, so I am imagining!). So it is great to be standing around draped in your scarf next to your cushions and have total strangers tell you how wonderful it is and how fabulously talented you are. But it would be even better to be sitting down while they tell you this. And for them then to buy stuff.

Two useful things (of many) learned:
1. Buyers need to have a range of work to browse and choose from, because…
2. A stand presents a look, a style, a theme, a lifestyle choice. This is what the buyer wants when they purchase something from you. They want to buy into the style you are showing. That’s why a beautiful stand sells lots and an exhibition of three pieces doesn’t sell so much.

So, I am working on my stand layout for Farnham Maltings Festival of Crafts this weekend (no I don’t stop. Ever.) and planning the others for the rest of this year.

And in between all that, I am sorting out things to go off for exhibition in the next few weeks. I think I’ve got five on the list, and acquired another one at Origin. I’m hoping to get as much work out of the studio as possible ready to move in a couple of weeks. And that’s another story, for another time.
Thanks to everyone who came to see me at Origin, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t there. Just had to go and sit down for a bit!

2 thoughts on “On to the next project!

  1. “A life without mentioning the 18th century on a regular basis? Surely not.” Ha ha ha! I have a similar problem 🙂 I really like what you said about people wanting to buy into the lifesyle you are offering; think it is a very salient point to remember when debating the pricing issue. And I really, *really* like what you said about loving you work. It’s a very special kind of glee when you make something that comes out just right. Good luck with all your shows and cheers to your future success!

  2. thanks! there is a special kind of glee when other people admire your work too. It’s lovely when it’s people you meet face to face, and it’s equally lovely when it’s people you meet on the internet!

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