Blogger’s block

I’ve been struggling with a lack of things to say recently – mainly because I’ve been doing unphotogenic and un-newsworthy things like my accounts. Having said that I had a couple of days re-living my old life in London last week, staying with my old flatmate in my old bedroom and visiting my old place of work and meeting my friends, hanging out and going to interesting galleries. I miss it. But I was, as always, happy to get back to my own studio and enjoy the feeling that I make things for a living now.

Slowly but surely I’m working on new pieces for Origin, many of which are developments and variations of things I have done before, but more complex, time-consuming, expensive and therefore probably one-offs. I’m probably not going to show too much of them in the next 2 months before the show, to preserve a little mystery. Did I say TWO MONTHS? Yikes.

I lieu of other pictures, the tassel above is one of the samples I am making for Harlands Organic Furnishings. I’ve a lot more to do, which should be a fun distraction from the endless cutting, folding and sewing of circles the rest of my work seems to entail at the moment.

I’ve also got a new stockist now, my first in London – Crimson on Porchester Place (no website as far as I can find). I didn’t get to visit the shop on this trip. 48 hours, three meetings, one training session, two national museums, one gallery and four lots of friends doesn’t leave a lot of time.

The next few days are a whirl of funding applications, book proposals, website revisions and form filling – so don’t expect anything exciting for a while, I’m afraid.

Oh, but I have got a book contract! I can’t say anything about it yet, so you will just have to imagine lots of fabulous fabric-y things in print. That’s what I’m doing, anyway.

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