New work in progress

New work emerging from a week in the studio, ably assisted by Laura, who was on work experience for a week.

Large felt pebbles piece, to be framed. This will probably go on exhibition next month at the Ferrers Gallery. This piece is 40x40cm and took about 8-9 hours to make.

About 70 suffolk puffs destined for a large panel, similar to this one. Laura made a awful lot of these.

A different version of the felt pebbles. The holes are going back to an older design, which itself is up for re-thinking.

These pleated pieces came from playing around with leftovers from making something else. Recycling and design hand in hand.

Another bit of recycling. Finding new ways to use unsold stock! This is probably going to be shown at Temptation next week, should my framing plan work out.

And another bit of recycling. Using spare cushion pleats to make a panel.

And this one is a new one of these. Smaller, though. And a wonderful raspberry red.

2 thoughts on “New work in progress

  1. I always like coming to your blog and seeing what you are making, the photos are beautiful. I’m looking forward to your book coming out, the cover looks very inviting.

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