Margo Selby

A few weeks ago I visited the shop and studio of Margo Selby, a fellow textile designer-maker who I’ve met at a few shows.

Margo Selby Gallery.jpg

Her business is much more established than mine, and I follow her every move with interest! I’m seriously impressed with (and jealous of ) her latest venture – a gallery in Bloomsbury. She has established a vibrant space with a thoughtful and considered collection of work by other designer makers including glass, jewellery, lamps and ceramics. The work all hangs together beautifully and complements Margo’s own colourful textiles.

Margo Selby Gallery.jpg

She was very kind in letting me nose around her studio space in the basement of the building. So tidy! I am often jealous of other peoples’ organised, spacious and calm-seeming studios. I have a big space, but its divided up into little rooms and has weird built in fittings, nasty flooring and an orange ceiling. I haven’t had the time to do anything about it.

Anyway, back to Margo’s:

Margo Selby Gallery.jpg
Her loom

Margo Selby Gallery.jpg

Margo Selby Gallery.jpg
Mill-woven fabrics for making into cushions and other small pieces.

She’s recently brought out a range of clip-top purses in her lovely fabrics which I really like.

I bought some buttons.

There are more photos of the studio and gallery here.

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