Life continues to fly by at an alarming rate. Work doesn’t half take up the sewing time! Ho hum. However, I still managed, a few weeks ago, to do a spot of shopping on Folksy, the new UK-based online shopfront for people who make stuff. I was only passing through, just looking, honestly. This stopped me in my tracks.

By Aleximo Croissant.
Well, to be fair, it was the yellow version which caught my eye, but the red was what I eventually chose. I’ve got a bit of a love-affair going on with yellow at the moment – not having worn yellow for about 25 years. But red is perennial, I always wear red. Even my new Goretex waterproof (which protected me from a lot of hail this weekend) is red. That’s me in the red and pink combo.

(photos by Sarah)

The colour is vital for not being invisible when playing in caves, too. Roll on summer!

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