Catching up on the missing hour

Almost a year ago I stocked up on some dressmaking patterns and prophetically titled my blog Wishful Thinking. I wasn’t wrong. I started making the Threads jacket in September last year. Not in the red I originally planned (that became this dress), but in pink wool and handwoven silk (which, looking back at Flickr, I decided upon in July…). I’ve not got much further with the rest, though I have pieces cut out for the lime green dress pattern.

pink wool and woven silk

jacket in progres.JPG

I had my friend Gina (button-maker to the stars) make some STUNNING handmade buttons for it. Choosing the buttons dragged it out a bit.

buttons - 1.jpg


And then I stalled for various reasons, which I have entirely forgotten now. I eventually gave up on having it at home, where I really haven’t the light or space for sewing, and moved it back to the studio. Where it sat for months and months. I had an hour or so spare in February and made some progress. And since then its sat.

I went out this evening planning to go to my dance class, only to find the hall empty and dark. Hmm. Must have forgotten Easter break.

On the other side of town for no reason.

Suddenly an evening unplanned.

What to do?

Back home to work?

Turn up unannounced at a friend’s?



the studio.

I had an hour before lock up time and whizzed over there and finally had another stab at it – getting the sleeves in and making a start on the (terrifying) bound button holes.

I’ve spent so little time in the studio this year – a few hours a week – and this was a wonderful treat. I was so excited! The jacket remains incomplete but I am much happier and have resolved to spend an evening a week at the studio just sewing for fun. Not work, not a book project, just for me. And, I hope, with friends for company.

So I got home earlier than usual and had time for a pleasant G&T (with this Gin and this tonic), a cuddle with the cat and a perusal of The Kitchen Diaries. And time spare to blog before bedtime. Perfect!

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