Grandad’s shed

I love visiting my Grandad. Not just because he is wonderfully entertaining, jolly and bright as a button at 93, but also because he has the most amazing home. He finds it highly amusing that I love going in the sheds – they are just sheds after all, full of old junk. To me they are full of delightful vignettes. Pockets of daily life just resting, perhaps for 20 years or more. Maybe it’s because of my artist’s eye for detail and my love of vintage and handmade and simple stuff. Plus sheds are ingrained into my very soul, part of my DNA.

grandads - 6

grandads - 7

grandads - 5

grandads - 4

grandads - 3

These photos were taken in the old laundry – a large garage-like building that his wife’s parents ran as a commercial laundry for decades. I would have taken more photos if my camera battery hadn’t died after 5 minutes. I must go back and do more. One day I’ll have a really fine shed too.

grandads - 1

This one is in the house.

and finally the doormat.

grandads - 2

It’s all so good.

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