Sew Eco, Sew nearly

Book photos, which I am busily editing and checking.

I love this one.

Some of my collection of old thimbles. Well, two-thirds of my collection actually.

I rather like this pattern photo too. See, useful old stuff.

I spent a happy couple of hours researching suppliers today. I’ve re-found some great stuff I’d got stashed away in bookmarks and not looked at in ages. My list is pretty long, but if you know of anywhere special for organic, recycled, vintage, natural, sustainable or UK-made fabrics which hit all the eco buttons please let me know! UK and Europe only please. You can leave a comment or email me:

2 thoughts on “Sew Eco, Sew nearly

  1. not sure if this fits the bill in terms of being made in the UK but found this site yesterday in my search for thick wool felt (for a laptop sleeve):- organic plant dyed wool felt sections)

  2. sorry – it’s Toni-Ann making the above comment! I’ve changed my blog provider and cannot work out how to get my name on there!

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