Super fast apron

I had a long lunchbreak at the studio yesterday. I can’t say I don’t deserve a sewing break having worked solidly since Easter without a day off. I sent off an important email at 11.15, had a brief moment of elation and weightless-shoulders so packed my bag and headed out for a couple of hours of quality sewing time. I made these (full blog post tomorrow) and this here apron, just in time for the Tie One On challenge. I’ve missed the last few challenges and it’s been frustrating. I really wanted to do a gingham one, but that escaped me. I started, but it didn’t work. This one was a whole lot easier. 45 mins concept to photo. A bit of a dash when I should have been back at the office but it was fun!  I haven’t made an apron for a loooong time.*  Too long. I would have liked to spend longer on this one but time was not on my side today. This week. This year.
Zigzag apron
Details of the ribbon pleating
zigzags - 1
And now I’m spending the evening at my desk catching up. ho hum.
*Oh yeah, I made an apron for Sew It Up, which I wear almost everyday. And I made one for the new book, but that’s a secret apron of course. 

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