Reasons to go to the shops

To spy interesting displays and vignettes, even if I don’t buy anything.

selfridges birmingham - 2

selfridges birmingham - 3

selfridges birmingham - 1

Never thought I would see knitting being used to sell expensive clothes. Fabulous. Giant balls of wool is definitely the thing though. (oh and those balls of wool have had another life, but that’s another story).

in cloth house

Displays and windows in Cloth House, London.

cloth house window2

cloth house window

I had an inspiring day out at Loop, Cloth House & Liberty with friends a couple of weeks ago. Came home almost empty handed but was happy to have introduced my friends to the delights of textiley London.

One thought on “Reasons to go to the shops

  1. Love Loop. Love Liberty but haven't been to Cloth House for toooooo long…. going to have to make a visit I'd forgotten about it altogether! Thankyou!

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