Art House: exhibition in Leicester

It is only a couple of weeks until the fabulous, little known, local Leicester treasure. Art House is an artist-run event where homeowners fill their houses with work by other local artists and makers and let people wander around and buy lovely things. It is truly wonderful. Like the bigger artist open house festivals in Brighton & Wirksworth, part of the fun is nosing in lovely houses.  I will be exhibiting at 6 Aber Rd f just by Francis St where there are great shops & cafes – another little-known Leicester treasure. Even if you are from out of town, it is worth coming over for a day and exploring. The trail is in the very nice Clarendon Park / Stoneygate area of the city which is full of charming streets. There are more shops and cafes on Queen’s Road too.

I will be exhibiting several newish pieces including this quilt from Festival of Quilts last year
This upholstered stool – never exhibited before!
Upholstered stool
and this piece which rarely leaves my bedroom wall!
bedroom and pink quilt.JPG
(the cream panel not the quilt).
Alongside these there will be some affordable small pieces, plus cushions, brooches and pebble necklaces, as well as the kits to make them!

Ruth Singer Studio

Let me know what you think

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