Textiles Open exhibition at Solihull

I’m exhibiting two pieces in the Pattern & Place Textiles Open exhibition in Solihull Gallery, including Monumental Folly which they have used on the advert and my new piece Star Quilt, straight from the Ornamentum exhibition. The exhibition opens on Thurs 26th Feb with an evening preview from 6.15pm and continues until 28th March.

solihull advert (artwork by Ruth Singer)


2 thoughts on “Textiles Open exhibition at Solihull

  1. I have gone directly to Solihull Arts Complex webpage, and there is no mention of a Textile Open; even noodling on the C & G Embroiderers’ Guild webpage, which mentions a call out for submissions for the above, and finding the theme was ‘Pattern and Place’, when I entered this phrase, I still got a blank response. Any ideas why?

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