Making Meaning Podcast Episode Seven – Melody Vaughan

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Melody Vaughan is a curator and writer who facilitates encounters between people, objects and craft makers. Through acts of gathering people together she create spaces for sharing experiences of making and questioning contemporary craft practices, with a focus on sustainable/ethical making practices.

Working mostly in a 1:1 setting with craft makers, she offers a space for closer enquiry and reflection into their creative practices. She is particularly excited to work with people who are looking to make significant shifts within their practice or who would like to develop an ongoing practice of exploration into the why behind their work.

Melody has a background in archaeology, Museum Education and as a contemporary craft maker (ceramics & metal). These experiences fuel her passion for the objects we create and use, as well as for engaging people with these objects, and translate into the dedicated support of craft makers and their creative practices.

Melody and I first connected online a few years ago, sharing our thoughts about supporting artists and makers. Once I realised we both had similar museum backgrounds, I knew we have so much to talk about. I have really enjoyed her seasonal work reflection resources and I love her approach to helping makers find their way. We’ve talked a few times over Zoom in the last 18 months, sharing our fascination with the makers’ mind and how to support ourselves to support others. Melody has spaces available for 1:1 mentoring with professional makers this autumn. Find our more here.

See below for links to things we talked about in the podcast.

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Melody Vaughan

Melody and her work

We also talked about my Criminal Quilts project and use of data, which you can see in the online exhibition here. I also mentioned some of my work where human touch was important to the piece. Two of these are shown below. Many Hands and The Beauty of Stains from my Narrative Threads exhibition.

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