Making Meaning Podcast Series Two plans

Help me make series two a reality by supporting my crowdfunder

Listeners are loving Making Meaning podcast and I want to make more! I need to cover the costs of hosting and editing to make it sustainable.

So many of you have loved listening to Making Meaning over the last 6 months. It’s been a wonderful project for me too. I planned and recorded most of it while we were still in lockdown as a way of connecting with others and now being able to share these rich and inspiring conversations is a joy.

The podcast has really resonated with you, enabling you to learn more about your own making or creative work and to understand how artists think and work. It’s made connections across creative work and within and outside of my own textiles discipline. I’ve been able to share stories from museum work and other kinds of creative practice as well as craft and they are all so relevant and inspiring to hear. 

I’ve been doing this out of my own pocket for the last year but really need to make it financially viable for 2022. I have to pay hosting fees, editing and marketing costs and then there’s my own time.. and I would love to be able to pay my guests something too as they have so generously given their time. 

I’ve created rewards & thank yous for your contribution towards the costs starting at just £5

The rewards are:

£5 for a website thank you

£15 for a postcard pack and a website thank you

£35 to be a single episode supporter with a thank you on the website and in the episode you support

£50 to be a business sponsor of a single episode

£100 includes an original artwork posted directly to you from me, plus website and episode thank you

£500 option for businesses who want to support the whole series and have a small advert during the podcast

Let me know what you think

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