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I love working with creative people to help you reach your goals

There are lots of different ways to work with me and learn from me, including 1:1 mentoring, courses and memberships.

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1:1 sessions to talk about your creative practice

Maker Membership

Are you looking for inspiration on how to develop more meaning and research in your making practice? Maker Membership might be right for you.

Textile Study Space

Love stitching? This is my online studio where I share textile techniques and details of my work.

Textile Techniques Workshops & Talks

Online and in-person workshops, talks and other events

Development Courses

Short courses and workbooks to build your creative practice or business.


I work with arts and heritage organisations to provide research and projects.

I have worked for myself for over twenty years and have been stuck in the trap of setting myself ridiculous goals, having unrealistic expectations of what I can achieve  “when I set my mind to it” and being hard on myself when I don’t tick everything off my list or have unproductive days. Working with Ruth on the Gentle Goals Setting course has really helped me to look at what I’m doing from the point of view of an observer, accept and celebrate how much I actually achieve and realise that setting more realistic goals and factoring in time for longer breaks, more time off and room for days when I just don’t feel like working has actually made me more productive and happier. I now have the workbook and tools to help me re-assess in the future when I am feeling unbalanced and make changes that will nurture me as a creative person and feel happier and healthier with space for things other than work. I can highly recommend it.

Kate Unwin, The Moon and The Furrow, 2021 Gentle Goal Setting Participant