I rushed away from the computer yesterday to go and get on with some wardrobe refashioning, but was thwarted. I hunted and hunted for the green shirt work-in-progress. It was not in the WIP pile, nor in any of the other likely heaps. Hmm. I wonder if I got fed up with it and ejected it from the fold. I am annoyed if I did. Still. I got on with another project instead, albeit a very very easy one. This linen top was from a charity shop but had a small stain on the front, so I have been meaning (since, oooh, February maybe?) to cover it up with something. I tried a corsage, as I make lots of them but a flower on the belly is not a good look. I then tried the contents of the vintage lace stash (I hoard but rarely use any of it….) but again it looked odd with a cream lace motif, and I don’t have the patience to leave it til I am on a fabric dyeing spree (about once a year). So it was plain and simple buttons. I like buttons very much so am very pleased with this. Apologies for the rubbish photos. I forgot to take some when it was still properly light and with usual impatience I wanted to take it NOW! I must do some better ones, ancient camera permitting.

I am trying to distract myself from new dresses. I can never find ones in the shop I like that fit me (just as well) so I have plans to make lots. This happens every summer and I usually complete the first one at the end of September. I KNOW that I don’t have time this summer and that I have loads of pretty skirts and not enough tops to go with them. So that is the priority, should I ever have time to make anything for myself. Tops to go with skirts so I actually have things that match, not just a wardrobe full of pretty things that don’t go with anything else. This is why, for years, I have worn mostly pink and red, with black and white and a little purple for excitement. I can happily wear red all over but feel very self conscious wearing bright green. Odd. So I have a few skirts that don’t really go with anything else, or only one top, which is rather limiting. So new summer tops it is. I am planning something a bit like this red one but with a higher boat-neckline, cap sleeves and bias-cut. And then some interesting embroidery or embellishment. In white to start off with and then we’ll see where I get to. Expect this in 2007 at the earliest!

I also wanted to show you this workshop picture – boys! I very rarely get to work with boys, but this was a leather work session so not quite so girly. They made leather decorations and did a fine job.

I’ve been working on a funding application all day, amply distracted by the BBC’s wonderful new webcast of tennis! Unlike the rest of the world, I am avoiding the football, but getting started on the grass court tennis season here in the UK. I don’t own a TV which bothers me only at this time of year. So yay! to BBCi and their coverage. Even if the quality is so poor that I can’t see where the ball is. I’m still happy to pretend to work while it is on. Summer is really here if there is tennis. And no, I am NOT a Tim Henman fan.

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