Chair tales of woe & joy

Origin countdown 26 days

I spoke to soon. Or at least I blogged too soon. The chair plan has been postponed because poor Lisa has injured her wrist, making upholstering impossible. However, all is not lost. I am using one of the fabrics on another chair which I can cover myself. In actual fact, this will make life a lot easier as this chair will actually fit in the car along with everything else I am taking.

I’ve done a mock-up by pinning the fabric over the seat and am hugely pleased with it! The chair is Regency and only cost £5. I loved it before, and I adore it now!

I’ve also been working on my stand layout, working out how to display everything nicely in a 2m x 2m white box, by laying it all out in a corner of my studio, which just happens to be just the right size. Mock up here and here with notes and thoughts. It doesn’t look like much yet, but I am so pleased with how this is shaping up and how my recent purchases in Dust World have worked just as planned. Bounced out of the studio this evening feeling very cheerful indeed.

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