I need this huge picture of blossom above my computer. I spent all weekend at my desk and didn’t even leave the house for 2 days. Not much fun. At least the weather was crappy so I didn’t miss much spring.

shades of beech.JPG

The sun came out for about 5 seconds the other day, just long enough for me to photograph this wonderful beech hedge down the road.

I’m not going miss the whole of spring as I’m taking a couple of days off at the end of this week for a quick trip to Norfolk mainly to see this exhibition, which I am really excited about. Hopefully we’ll get here too. And here. And some galleries, if we can possibly squeeze all that in. Then lots and lots of green. And possibly some sea. Actually, definitely some sea. Then I’m spending most of the weekend dancing, and the rest writing some more bits for the book. It’s hard to believe after writing 65,000 words any more could possibly be necessary, but apparently they are

In the meantime I have a meeting tomorrow about book number 2, which is very exciting. I’ve had cover ideas through from the designer and its looking fabulous. Its not due out until summer 2009, but I hope I’ll be able to start sharing that with you before too long.

I’ve just finished teaching my first adult education course in textile and fashion history today, which is a huge relief time-wise as its involved a huge amount of preparation, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to an excuse to do more reading books about nice frocks when the course starts in September for a year-long run.

Back next week

One thought on “Spring

  1. Hey lovely. Just a quick question… I had my first run at suffolk puffs last night and wondered if there was a particular method to attaching them to a base fabric – is whip stitching around the circles it or is there something more technical that I should be doing? Thanks!

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