One of the many things I learned working on Sew It Up was the importance of filler images. Nice, pretty photos of things that look good on spare pages and gaps in the book.


On that book I had professional photographers doing it for me.

This time I’m doing them myself.

Its REALLY good fun.

Taking the actual project photos is difficult, but photographing pretty sewing stuff on a white background is great. They may not be professional quality, but I like them.

Its a fine excuse to get out all of my lovely vintage sewing stuff.

I could spend all day doing this. Playing with the pretty stuff.

Although I probably need to spend a little quality Photoshop time on some of these. All in good time. First, the fun bit.

4 thoughts on “Details

  1. Utterly loving it all. I’ve oodles of bits and bobs – dare I send them to you or would that just be entirely unhelpful!!? Gorgeous gorgeous shops. Re touchups for idiots: it’s all about Picasa – I can’t work Photoshop for toffee!

  2. hi ruth!i think your photo’s are gorgeous, you have a graet eye for angles and composition. however, i would try to work on them a little bit in photoshop, just to make them ‘pop’ a bit more. it’s quite easy to make the backgrounds a little lighter, and make the colours a tad brighter. i’d be happy to help you if you think you need that :)i’m really looking forward to this book, i think the subject you picked is just awesome 🙂

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