The other side of me

Time to confess to my secret life. I’ve mentioned a few times that things were changing around here. Nothing too exciting, but simply that I’ve got a new job. Part-time and freelance, but definitely a major piece of work which will keep me busy for most of this year. I’m project managing this, a collaborative museum project and exhibition. It is a fashion exhibition, but I’m very much a manager, not a designer, so its all a bit different.

Museum work is what I used to do, before I started working for myself and doing the textile-thing. I’ve always kept it up, on a back burner, but for this year at least, I’m swapping things around.

So there’s not a lot of time for sewing and stuff, but things are trundling along, slowly, behind the scenes. I’m still finishing off the second book, which is of course under wraps, which is why there is nothing much to show you just now. Except knitting.

big green wiggleJPG.JPG

So here’s the knitting….

regia stripe man socks - 2.jpg

Even the unfinished stuff.

jaywalker in progress.JPG

There’s been some sewing too, but still not managed to get photos of that yet.

Hang in there people, there will be interesting things to look at again, soon! I promise.

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