Making me happy this week

  • Fun with friends out and about (photo courtesy of the social secretary)
  • New yarn (Lang Mille Colori) Plus Selvedge too.

  • The Meaning of Sunglasses. I’m behind the times here. I really ought to write a proper review, but I’ve not finished it yet. There seem to be about 4 different covers for this book. This is the one I have and I like it a lot.
  • A bumper crop of vintage knitting patterns in the charity shop. I’ve been on self-imposed charity shop denial for weeks and weeks. It was completely worth the wait.

  • Spring!
  • My book – a publication date, a new cover and a new title for the US market! (more anon) Plus the UK edition is for sale in Liberty. I have gone to author heaven!
  • Time spent on the new book. Its nearly, nearly there!
  • And last but not least, friends new and old for rallying round, being lovely and distracting me from the less fun stuff going on.

One thought on “Making me happy this week

  1. Mille Colori makes me happy too. Every time I go into my LYS I have to forbid myself from buying any until I have a project in mind. As my knitting group is held there, this is a weekly torture! Ah Mary Clare, you tempt me so….

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