Knitted jewellery

I am (occasionally) true to my word, and I have gone straight off to research knitted jewellery. What I’m interested in is stuff knitted with fine embroidery thread not knitting yarn or wire. I found a lot of stuff which I don’t personally like, lets say. Most knitted jewellery is of course wire and as far as I am concerned, no-one does that better than my friend Terri Howes. LOVE her stuff. Don’t know why I don’t have any. Must remedy this asap….

So back to the thread thing. Of course I (re-)found this which surely has been on my to-do list (and now Ravelry queue) for years.

And then I found some wonderful new stuff by Ruth Cross. I missed this being launched! It’s like I’ve been in some craft-less cave for the last 6 months. Get me to a gallery asap!

Okay, so this is yarn not thread so I’m not being consistent here. But my god this stuff is fabulous. I want!

Not surprisingly, Etsy turned up some great knitted stuff although again not quite what I’m after. Although I have to admit I only got to about page 16 in the Etsy search before I gave up.



And this necklace of knitting needles is amazing! Maybe this is what I am suddenly hoarding knitting needles for? I know I won’t, though.

Don’t they look slightly like naked wax crayons too?

So maybe no-one is doing the kind of thing I have in my head? I guess that means I should.
A good excuse to buy this book I’ve wanted for years. Oh dear, I sense a whole new mountain of books I *need* starting to pile up. Very keen to see Sustainable Jewellery, which looks like a nice partner to Sew Eco (and by the same publisher – I sense an editorial interest!)

I love jewellery and might well have become a jeweller in another life. Just writing this post is making me want to make some again. Watch this space!

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