Lincoln, autumn and scrumping

Thanks for your postcard thoughts – I went for just one in the end, the green one in the middle. I decided to save money and only have the one. I have 2 others already but they are both grey, so a green was a good plan.

On Monday I had a lovely day off (sort of) going to Lincoln to deliver some work for Harding House Gallery’s Mellow Yellow autumn exhibition. It was a perfect autumn day too, sunny, mild and gorgeous. Lincoln is a beautiful little city and it was great to have an excuse for a day out there.

autumn leaves.JPG

The exhibition opened yesterday and is on until 14th November, so get up there quick!

autumn leaves detail.JPG

I made this huge, framed piece last year for Origin and was more than happy to see it go out to a gallery again.

tiles panel.jpg

This one is a few years old now but I still love it – the colours of the silk are quite amazing.

harding House gallery  - 4

harding House gallery  - 3

I also delivered a good little stash of brooches and purses in warm autumny colours. It was a good excuse to play with a particular colour palette which I really enjoyed.

harding House gallery  - 5

harding House gallery  - 2

I also came home with a new book on British Folk Art to add to my collection. Even the cover of this one matches the orange-theme! I do love folk art. And I bought some delicious tea.
I have to go back and collect my work – such a shame! And this time I am planning to go when Tasty Vintage is open. I decided it didn’t matter so much that it was shut on Monday as I do have *quite* a lot of clothes already…. but it did look good through the window.

I also picked amazing mulberries, although I best not say exactly where from…. They were just by the path….

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