Books and magazines

Part of this weekend’s work to do list was to read some nice books. I like to do lists that involve nice things. I’m playing around with ideas for a new book which is supremely exciting and so much more fun than a lot of the other work I have to do. One aspect of book-conceiving is making sure someone else hasn’t done the same thing already. So I have a perfect excuse to buy all the new, interesting sewing books that come out. Not that Digital Textile Design has anything to do with what I might write about, I just fancied reading it anyway. And I will, eventually.

I love Alabama Stitch Book. I’m behind the times with this, I know. Likewise with Handmade Home, there are great reviews on blogs all over the place – but these things take a little longer to get over here and even longer for me to get round to buying, reading, let alone blogging. I’ve also got Weekend Sewing knocking around somewhere. I like the idea of some weekend sewing rather than weekend report-writing & shelf-building which is how I spent my exciting Saturday at the studio.

In other book news, I’m finally reading Toast by Lord Nigel of Slater.
A few days ago I finished Notes from Walnut Tree Farm, which I have been savouring slowly. Sigh. I love his books so much, it’s so sad that there won’t be any more.

Earlier this year I had to buy a load of fashion magazines for my exhibition, and have been enjoying reading them myself now the show is over. I really like non-Western fashion mags as they are so much more exciting and colourful. My two favourites were Libas, a British/ Pakistani magazine with great fashion shoots and lots of arts and culture articles. I would link to their website but Google tells me it’s a bit dodgy, so who knows…. I also really liked Arise which is African-centric, or at least this issue is. The website is a bit enigmatic. I bought them in my local Borders, but I have seen Libas in a normal local newsagent which is of course where I recommend you go and look!

I’m also reading The Culture of Knitting. It’s a very academic book, presumably a version of a PhD thesis, but so far it’s readable and enjoyable – but I’m only 30-odd pages in. It’s quite dense. It’s not telling me anything new yet, but I think it’s going to be really good. I will keep you posted!

That’s quite a lot really. Best get back to it.

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