Some knitting

When life is lacking in sewing time, I rejoice that I learned to knit a few years ago. It gives me just enough of a creative kick without needing all that set-up, tidy-away, table, good light business that dressmaking requires. In the last couple of years I have mostly knit to patterns, lacking the skill or indeed desire to invent my own. There are so many wonderful patterns out there, designed by people who actually understand knit, that I see no reason to attempt to design my own. Knitting is a pleasure, not work, not a task, not a thing I have to teach or explain to anyone. I just do it because I love making stuff. Once upon a time I played with knitting as part of my work and designed a few really simple things (like this scarf) but I know fabric is where I belong, designing-wise, so I stick with what I am good at. And Ravelry has made knit-scheming so much easier and more obsessive. And last, but by no means least, my local knit club has been my social saviour having moved to a new(ish) town and has produced more brilliant friends than I could have possibly imagined.

So as per usual, I made quite a few knitted Christmas and winter birthday or baby presents and mostly failed to take photographs of them. Curses. But here’s a couple. LOADS more on the needles; I cast on 3 projects on Monday which makes 4 on the go at once, with another gift jumper lined up, a cardigan gift in planning stage and more babies on the way left right and centre to knit for. Excellent!

booties for helen.JPG

Purple socks version 2

mittens for jenny.JPG

I have also been very lucky and been given some wonderful knits recently: got alpaca socks for me this Christmas and also have a crocheted alpaca scarf that was made for me earlier this year as well as a Noro neckwarmer! Truly appreciated as only another knitter can.

Socks by Sarah, worn by me. Yarn purchasing enabled by me. I must have gone on soooo much about how lovely it was!

New year knitting resolutions: learn to knit from charts, try some more simple lace, DO NOT BUY MORE YARN (except maybe for specific gifts).

Best thing about Christmas holidays: knitting, port, DVDs. I’m off.

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