Flowers for a winter wedding

I got a commission to make an Amelia brooch and a handful of tiny rosebuds from scraps from Vicky’s wedding dress. They have now been safely received ready for the wedding next week.

Making the Amelia brooch was fun, I have made about a gazillion in my time, but the rosebuds were a little more tricky – only because of finding a way to make them suitable for attaching to hairgrips. In the end I opted for little felt acorn caps on the bottom with loops of fabric to slide the hair grip through. Seems to have worked. Phew.

Making these also gave me the excuse to play with my new micro iron (I say new, I bought it in October). It was excellent for micro burns. Other than that it seemed ok, but really I need to play around a bit more before giving you a full, micro, report.

Let me know what you think

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