I’m doing some workshops…

Defiance N3

defiance sewing machine.JPG

I now realise I should have used this photo to illustrate my sewing resolutions post the other day. But I didn’t think of it, and now it will simply be used to illustrate this defiance-free post.

I am getting out and about….

Next week:

Wednesday 13th January
Lecture and Demonstration
A hands-on exploration of dress trimmings from the 18th, 19th and 20th century including ruffles, pleats, braiding, applique and ribbons. Through a combination of lecture and demonstration, Ruth will explain a number of dress trimming techniques from Western and international dress.
Ruth Singer- textile /designer maker 2.00pm – 4.15pm £15.00 (Ass. £12.00)

Booking essential, numbers limited, all abilities welcome. Tea and coffee provided, café available for lunch. Contact fulhampalace@lbhf.org 020 7736 3233

I’ve just got stuck into preparing samples for this session and am totally over preparing! I could probably rustle up examples to keep us going for about 3 days. 18th century pleating, hat ribbons, applique braid….. mmm. Lovely stuff.

Exclusion Zone
And the following week I am running a workshop on Saturday 23rd January at the Geffrye Museum in London, making good old fashioned draught excluders from good, old fashioned recycled clothing.

draught excluder.JPG

This here is the flat fabric before sewing up and stuffing to make it into a sausage. Flipping hard to photograph a finished draught excluder in my studio which has only one door (surrounded by rubbish) and horrible flooring. I must bring it home for photo styling. Though it is rather long and will be entertaining to carry about! I keep remembering, and then forgetting again, that I promised to make my mum one. ooops, sorry.

One thought on “I’m doing some workshops…

  1. Yes, I've found it tricky to photograph draught-excluders effectively, even with a nice doorway for styling purposes. Good luck with the workshops! They sound great.

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