Finally some house photos!

I’ve at last uploaded a huge amount of before, during and (some) after shots of my house decorating adventures on Flickr. Do go and have a look at the photos themselves as I’ve added a lot of notes and comments on the process and the work still to do. Seeing the before shots next to the in-progress ones is making me feel like there is a real change here – I still have loads to do but there is movement!

Here’s some before and afters:
wedge from front.JPG

View from the front door when I first went to see the house. Previous owner’s furniture.

wedge from front.JPG

Work in progress! This was a few weeks ago, but now this room is full of boxes and not much has changed otherwise.

bedroom before.JPG

Back bedroom as it was when I moved in.

bedroom window.JPG

Bedroom now, complete with mess. I am not tidy and there is no point pretending!!

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