Industrial sewing machine for sale

Having moved out of my vast studio, I no longer have space for my Bernina Industrial sewing machine. I am sad to part with her, as she is brilliant. But I have no excuse to keep her anymore and must make space.

The details:

Bernina Industrie 850, approx 15-20 years old (but I really don’t know) I’ve had it about 5 years and have used it very little.
Good working order, includes instruction manual, a selection of feet, a vast amount of heavy duty needles, bobbins etc. It has been serviced regularly, but not for a couple of years as I haven’t been using it. Standard old Bernina feet fit this machine as far as I can tell (I have another old Bernina, not a new one).
This type of machine comes with the table stand just seen in 2nd photo. It has a HUGE motor which is attached to the table and the machine itself comes out of the table to move / service. It needs 2 strong people to carry the table but it is stored on the ground floor currently. It will fit in a medium-sized car, although a van would be easier to move it in.
The machine itself is really powerful – it will stitch much faster than a domestic machine and through thicker fabrics – these machines are commonly used for curtains & soft furnishings. It will also sew through lightweight leather quite easily. These machines are also favoured by machine embroiderers.
The machine is £400 and will require collecting from Leicester.

Any questions please email me ruth (at) ruthsinger (dot) com.

5 thoughts on “Industrial sewing machine for sale

  1. I don't need a sewing machine (can't seem to find time to use the one i have, with 3 under-fives in the house!), but just wanted to take the opportunity to say i miss your blog! How is your house coming along, i wonder, and what are you sewing these days? Hope all is well with you.

  2. Hi Ruth
    I am interested in buying an industrial sewing machine, please let me know all details (price, size etc) as soon as you can

    Thank you so much

  3. Hello .. sorry for my english Im french. Hope this message find you ok. I have a question about the 850 bernina. Do you have the manual ? If you not maybe I can get the contact of the other person get your sewing. Im disaspered I cannot arrive to use mine. Please help me.. Thanks by advance.
    Hope you understand what I try to say.

  4. Sorry I don’t have a manual. I sold the machine 10 years ago so don’t have the contact details for the buyer.

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