Interlace on show in Craft and Conflict at Bilston Craft Gallery

Work by Interlace is on show in Craft and Conflict at Bilston Craft Gallery until 22nd November 2014.


Interlace by Ruth Singer & Bethany Walker

Interlace by Ruth Singer & Bethany Walker

We created work specifically for this show, using white petals instead of our usual colours. By creating fragile textile forms fixed into concrete, we explore making the ephemeral permanent and preserving memories set in stone. The mass of petals in the work represent the fragile mass of humanity lost in conflict, while the softness of textile next to the rigidity of concrete echoes the brutality of war. The petals are hand embroidered in red wool thread. The bowls are presented in a wreath-like shape.



The rest of the exhibition is thought-provoking and fascinating. There are some very interesting interpretations of the theme of craft and conflict, some beautiful, haunting works, many referencing recent and current conflicts. Alongside craft pieces there are objects made in Bilston and the Black Country for both world wars as well as personal and commemorative items. It is a considered and thoughtful combination of objects mass produced in times of war, celebrating the skill of the makers and the industry as well as craft pieces created in remembrance, in horror and with hope. I loved it.


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