Open studio

Wow, the open studio was a great success – thank you to all my helpers, visitors and customers! I might have to do that again.
The studio was tidier than it has been since I moved in, but it was a lot of work clearing out all the heaps of stuff in corners that I’d stopped noticing. The curtained-off store room was piled high with stock boxes, sewing machines irons, cushion inners and assorted useful but random stuff. I forgot my camera – getting there in time to clean before opening was my priority!
These images are over a year old, just 3 weeks after I moved into the space and hadn’t generated quite so much mess.

I’m planning to have some of the remaining stock up on my Etsy shop for Christmas shopping over the next couple of days, so please take a look.

I’m procrastinating very effectively today. There’s a book that needs writing, or at least the blad. The what? The blad. Book layout and design. oh. Im learning publisher-speak!

I’ve had no problem thinking about the cover image, the style shots (the pretty pictures rather than the practical ones of scissors), styling the fabric guide and all those nice things. But I am putting off revisiting my draft introduction. Hey, I’ve done a draft, what am I fussing about? I’ve got to do two projects as well for this blad, and am having an apron-design blockage.

However, in the meantime I’ve written a book review for the textile directory, and sorted out lots of other things in my to-do pile. Enough. I’m going to get on with it now. I really am.

Let me know what you think

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