I’m struggling to keep up with the fluctuating US dollar / Sterling exchange rate on my Etsy shop, but have updated it now, so the book is coming out much cheaper than when I listed it – now $32 rather than $43! Other stuff is reduced too, so please do have a look. I am planning to open a UK Folksy shop instead / as well soon, but they don’t take books and non-handmade items, so I’ll need both for a while at least.

The shop will get updated with a whole load of new things before too much longer – purses, brooches, bags and scarves are all waiting to get on there, impatiently jostling to get to the front of my to-do queue, but alas, at the moment, being pushed back.

I’ve also opened a craft supplies shop on Etsy, where I’ll be selling some of my clear-out stuff. There’s a few things on there already, but it hasn’t really got going yet. But soon, my friends, soon!

One thought on “Shop

  1. I received your book in the mail today and it is even better than I hoped it would be! Easily the most useful sewing book I own. Congratulations on a wonderful book!

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