Red things for putting things in

When I was a child, I had a red cardboard mini-suitcase. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.
I still have it, somewhere. And a bigger blue one. But the red was my first love.

You can still buy them sometimes, in toy shops. I bought one for my godson a year or so ago, thinking every small child needs a suitcase to put their treasures in.

So do grown ups, it seems.

polka dot suitcases

These aren’t the classic, plain-colour types, beloved of my childhood, but the polka dots were too hard to resist. I’ve been using them to cart sewing equipment around to workshops, but my plan is to use them as handbags, when the occasion arises.

My ones were from John Lewis, but you can buy classic bright colour ones here, and very stylish-looking ones from here. John Lewis don’t have them on their website. I found them in the haberdashery dept, sold as vanity cases – so you never know where you will find them.

In keeping with the red theme, I bought yet another vintage handbag. I have stopped now, honestly.

red handbag.

Like the others, this one needs some TLC. Although the plastic-handled blue grosgrain one I bought last month is up and running and doing sterling service – it is bottomless and when full, weighs a tonne. Perfect.

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