Making Meaning Podcast Episode One – Welcome

It has taken a lot longer than anticipated to get my podcast available, but hurrah, it launches today. You can now find and subscribe to Making Meaning in most podcast apps or listen directly below.

Graphic image with the text: Making Meaning in a swirl logo. Additional text saying A Podcast by Ruth Singer exploring the meaning behind what we make.
Episode one is very short – just a few minutes for me to introduce the idea behind the podcast, explain what I’m planning to do over the series and to talk a little about the importance of creative conversations. I share why I love talking to creative people and how inspiring and invigorating it is to have the chance to bounce ideas around and talk about things that matter. I also introduce my first guest for episode two and mention the mentoring and other support I offer. There’s also a plug for my Patreon for anyone who wants to dig into my work more, support the podcast and make textiles with me! There’s a full transcript available at the end of this page too.

I’ll be talking to artists and makers, creative freelancers and consultants, coaches and others across the creative sector who chose to do work which is meaningful. I’ve wanted to make this podcast for years but the pandemic has really made it necessary and vital for me.

#16: Making Meaning with Claire Wellesley-Smith Making Meaning

Wellbeing through stitch and communal creative practice runs through Claire's practice, writing and projects. She's just completed a PhD exploring this subject in depth and we both love talking about the importance of community making practice, about textile and local heritage and about the power of textiles to change lives in all kinds of subtle ways. This conversation ranges across all these areas of interest and we talk about how our work in communities is so important yet so often overlooked in the wider art world. I was honoured to be included in Claire's recent book Resilient Stitch and I’m also grateful to her for sharing her thoughts on textiles and community making for Textiles in Lockdown podcast which I made in 2020 with Gawthorpe Textiles Collection. That's coming out on this podcast very soon so you can catch up with it right here. Claire has just relaunched her incredibly popular online teaching sessions. Links to all of these are
  1. #16: Making Meaning with Claire Wellesley-Smith
  2. #15: Making Meaning with Louise Jones-Williams
  3. #14: Making Meaning with Sharon Adams
  4. #13: Making Meaning with Helen Hallows
  5. #12: Making Meaning Crowdfunder and mini episode
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