Making Meaning Podcast Episode 14 with Sharon Adams

Sharon’s work really fascinates me. Her objects tell intriguing stories of the landscape she is rooted in and allow for contemplation and imagination of the viewer too. Sharon and I have had such interesting conversations about place, belonging, boundaries and landscape containers, it was a pleasure to talk to her more about her work in this podcast. Sharon also supports artists through Herding Fish, her 1:1 coaching business.

Sharon Adams is an applied artist living and working in rural Northern Ireland. She works with wood, metal and textiles to create objects which respond to the surrounding landscape.

Having left home to study in London at 18, she remained there for over 20 years, mostly working in events management. But in 2008 she headed off to a full-time art degree at Brighton and in 2012 moved back to Northern Ireland where she now lives and works from an old stone farmhouse and farmyard next to her family’s farm.  

Previous work includes interpretations of tools and of land & weather measurements. Her current work involves direct explorations of her connection to the townland where her family has farmed for five generations, and is specifically focused on the area that lies within the horizon seen from her home at Frocess Yard.

In 2020 she completed a coaching qualification with RD1st and now offers one to one support to individual artists and makers.

A correction: I say in the podcast that the Four Nations project we are working on is funded by Creative Scotland. In fact it is jointly funded byCreative Scotland, Arts Council England, Arts Council Northern Ireland and Arts Council of Wales/Wales Arts International. Just the application process was through Creative Scotland. You can find out more about our work for this project here.

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You’ll know from listening to this podcast, just how much I value conversations about creative practice. Over many years of mentoring and being mentored I know just how impactful it can be in moving in the right direction. If you would like to find out more about 1:1 mentoring with me, there’s lots of information here.

Maker Membership

My Maker Membership is now open for all makers wanting to explore their motivations and to build meaning and research into their practice and be part of a supportive creative community. We meet once a month and I share resources, workbooks and research to help you develop your own work. Find out more here.

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