Making Meaning Podcast Episode 21 with Michaela McMillan

Michaela McMillan’s wonderful work often defies categorisation. It is craft or is it assemblage? Is it sculpture or is it textiles? It is meant to be serious or is it meant to be fun? Michaela’s work is full of elements of her personality and her passions. She describes it perfectly as playfully serious. In this podcast we reflect on how much of ourselves we reveal through our making practice, what rules and boundaries we use or choose to break to make our respective takes on non-functional craft objects! We also talk about writing as part of a creative practice and about using titles and words to add to the narrative of what we make.

I am a mixed media artist working with recycled materials and story telling. I create non-functional objects for interiors with their own stories which are part truth part fiction, and often autobiographical. The new collection I’m working on is The Legion of the Lost and Found and will be available after the summer. I also work with community groups and deliver workshops.

Play here

See / buy Michaela’s work

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester, 13-16 October

Lustre 4-6 November, at Lakeside Arts, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Cheltenham Craft Festival 26-27 November

Current work is available through her website and at Court Barn, Museum of Craft and Design, Chipping Camden, GL55 6JE

Maker Membership

My Maker Membership is now open for all makers wanting to explore their motivations and to build meaning and research into their practice and be part of a supportive creative community. We meet once a month and I share resources, tips and research to help you develop your own work. Find out more here.

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